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First SE

Lightweight, planing, highly efficient, the First SEs rise to the challenge of offering sailing enthusiasts sensations worthy of racing boats while guaranteeing absolute safety when sailing.

Easy to transport, to rig and to launch, they follow you with ease on your sailing trips in all areas of navigation and can also accompany your desires of discovery in coastal escapades.


First 27 SE

First 24 SE

First 18 SE

First 14 SE


Designed for racing specialists, First SEs are distinguished by their liveliness under sail, even in light winds. Sailing at wind speed becomes accessible. With their optimized weight and very generous sail plan, they glide easily on the wing and offer beautiful sensations to all those who dream of combining fun and speed. Launched at 10 to 15 knots, they trace an impeccable wake, as if on rails. The absence of a backstay limits the number of adjustments and allows you to take advantage of the glide, under the square mainsail at the top and the asymmetrical spinnaker.


To make sport sailing accessible to all sailors, the First SE range offers safe sailboats. Even if they allow to evolve very quickly on the water and take their stimulating part at the helm, the beam of the hull and the depth of the keel maintain a welcome stability. The presence of two rudders and the quality of the deck equipment make it possible to maintain precise control of the boat in all circumstances. The lifting keel protects the structure in the event of bottoming out. Everything has been designed so that your great moments on the water are only good moments.


The lightness of the First SE and its fully lifting keel make it surprisingly easy to transport at first glance. Its carbon mast, which is also very light, can be installed and removed on its own, without a crane. Simple to transport and to hoist, these sailboats are also easy to launch on an inclined plane. As all models in the range can be towed by a touring vehicle, you can easily take your First SE to race in the sailing areas of your choice and enjoy a wide variety of playing fields.