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Sailing Yachts

Combining simplicity and performance, in any weather, at any latitude, for increasingly personal uses and increasingly accessible dreams. An infinite sense of innovation.


Oceanis invite you to glide over the water, driven by the wind and your desire for escape with the promise of easy and comfortable sailing in all circumstances. Equipped with a tulip hull and refined lines, these elegant sailing yachts have become true cruising references. At the same time balanced and spacious, they have been designed so that each passenger feels at ease on board and the trips to the sea are synonymous with shared pleasure and friendly conviviality.

From 10 to 16 meters


The slender lines of the Oceanis Yacht attract the eye. The care given to every detail and its exceptional character inspire dreams of great voyages at sea.

Powerful and tall, these large cruising sailboats are designed to be easy to handle with a small crew and open the horizon to long sailings. In the interior as well as on deck, the quality and comfort of the configurations inscribe each moment spent at sea in a universe of refinement.

From 17 to 19 meters


BENETEAU’s historic range gives priority to speed and design for identical happiness when cruising or racing. With this mix of uses that is unique to them, the Firsts claim loud and strong their taste for efficiency on the water, even with little wind. Designed by the greatest architects, they have marked the cruise-regatta universe and have become a true reference.

From 4 to 17 meters


Lightweight, planing, highly efficient, the First SEs rise to the challenge of offering sailing enthusiasts sensations worthy of racing boats while guaranteeing absolute safety when sailing.

Easy to transport, to rig and to launch, they follow you with ease on your sailing trips in all areas of navigation and can also accompany your desires of discovery in coastal escapades.

From 4 to 8 meters


Legendary, Le Figaro is a hymn to the excellence of offshore racing.

A monotype sailboat initially conceived for the eponymous Solitaire which made the happiness of the greatest sailors, and which allows to face on the water with equal weapons. On board a Figaro, it is the sailor who makes the difference.

11 meters