Installation Service
POST-Sales Maintenance

At SPORTNAUTIC We know that our work does not end with the delivery of the ship, so we have over 25 years offering our customers a fast and effective after-sales service that includes both the supply of parts and repair and maintenance of Your boat. We also install masts for sailboats of any length and we make the trim. A team of professionals with ample knowledge and extensive experience assures you the tuning of your boat and its maintenance in the best conditions in all the ports of the Valencian Community.

Generator, AA and desalination plant

SPORTNAUTIC , as an authorized servicer of leading brands in the market, sells and installs airconditioning, heating, generator or desalination systems with all the required guarantees. It also offers the after-sales service and the proper maintenance for each team.

Bow Thrusters

SPORTNAUTIC, as a technical service MAX POWER , is authorized to manufacture the tunnel, the installation and its subsequent maintenance of the manoeuvring propellers in both sailboats and motorboats of any brand and model, with all the required guarantees. SPORTNAUTIC, you can also install and perform the maintenance of your folding propeller GORI.

Cooling system and GAS load

SPORTNAUTIC works with the leading brands of cold systems and will perform the installation with all the required guarantees. It also offers a post-sales service and adequate maintenance for each appliance. Likewise, SPORTNAUTIC is officially accredited to carry out all kinds of gas loads according to the current regulations. We are officially accredited to be able to carry out all kinds of gas loads.

Hoods and Biminis

SPORTNAUTIC, distributes and installs canopies and biminis of the manufacturers NV Equipment and T-TOP Style in boat, for any brand and model of sailboats or motor. We can also make custom-made all kinds of enclosures, winter covers, coverings for the rudders, Bath table, etc.

Solar panels

SPORTNAUTIC, performs the installation of power generation systems from flexible photovoltaic solar panels, with all the required guarantees. We carry out the installation on Bimini awning by means of a belcro or zipper fastening system. Quick and secure connections ensure your comfortable disconnection in case you want to keep the boat for long periods. It is also possible to perform the installation on deck.