We will be able to design a custom financing plan for both new Comousados boats.
At Sportnautic We also think about financing your boat.
Through our own financial, SGB finance, the world leader in nautical leasing and subsidiary of Société Générale, we can design a customized financing plan for both new and used boats.
We can offer financing plans with a minimum entry of 30% of the acquisition value and lasting up to 15 years, according to financial conditions. With our French leasing, you can also legally benefit from a reduction of 50% on French VAT, as well as rental fees you can pay only 9.8% VAT (see conditions).

We can finance boats destined for recreation, exclusive charter activity with exemption from the registration tax if applicable or mixed recreational or rental activity. Our financing can be directed to a person or company. In the case of a charter company, discharged as an intra-Community operator, you can purchase and finance the ship directly, without advancing VAT.
Subject to approval and conditions of SGB finance.