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Oceanis invite you to glide over the water, driven by the wind and your desire for escape with the promise of easy and comfortable sailing in all circumstances. Equipped with a tulip hull and refined lines, these elegant sailing yachts have become true cruising references. At the same time balanced and spacious, they have been designed so that each passenger feels at ease on board and the trips to the sea are synonymous with shared pleasure and friendly conviviality.


Oceanis 51.1

Oceanis 46.1

Oceanis 40.1

Oceanis 37.1

Oceanis 34.1

Oceanis 30.1


Climb aboard and leave immediately to the sea, enjoying every moment to the full…

A dream that the Oceanis make accessible to all sailors thanks to simplified maneuvering
simplified maneuvering
and a standard designed for easy navigation. With just two winches and a self-tacking jib at the bow, tacking on board seems like child’s play. All equipped with two rudders, the Oceanis are
extremely safe : l
he serenity and the pure pleasure of sailing are invited on board.


From 30 to 51 feet, all Oceanis give a central place to comfort: comfort in navigation, comfort in port and at anchor, comfort for the whole crew.

With their very large cockpit and generous interior volumes, they have been designed to accommodate family and friends in the best conditions. On deck, the lounging areas simply invite you to enjoy the sea air and sunshine while the crew can move about undisturbed.
Very balanced thanks to their hull and overall design, the Oceanis boats of the entire range offer a pleasant behavior at sea that facilitates the feeling of overall comfort.


So that everyone can sail as close as possible to their desires, the Oceanis offer a multiplicity of configurations.

Pnteriors adapted to each model, allow you to find the ideal configuration to enjoy the sea with family or friends. Ahe flexibility idon the roof, with different equipment and plans of which Performance versions for more sensations and
more sensations
to choose according to your sailing program.